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Defensive Coding

In big and medium sized companies there are usually several teams contributing to a single codebase. This makes it hard to keep the code quality at a satistactory level. With defensive coding, the code is written in a preventive manner so as to avoid the errors and low quality code. Moreover the architectural principles, are within the code, without separate documents, trainings and extra checks.

Continuous Delivery

The main principle of Continuous Delivery is automate any infrastructural work that you can automate. To reach the Continous Delivery stage, you need to go through the following: source control, server-side continuous build and continuous deployment.

Programming Languages

We provide you with trainings in the languages Java, C, C#, Python, Swift and the mobile platforms Android and iOS tailored to the needs of your company.

Software Team Management

How to lead  a software team for software engineers, how to handle the relationships with the business departments, how to get high performance from your team and how to enhance the communication within the team.