As Safkan Yazılım we provide consultancy services for your technical infrastructure and projects that alligns with your business requirments and expectations. We offer consultancy in mainstream platforms (.NET, Linux, Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, Android, iOS) and programming languages (Java, C#, Objective-C, Swift, Python) while help you in choosing the technology stack with a an objective point of view.

Project Planning

We provide you with consultancy capabilities in the following subjects both at the start of the project and during the project.

  • Project requirements and scope analysis
  • Selection of technology and platform
  • Selection of the technical team and team formation
  • Infrastructure preparation
  • Time estimation and planning
  • Cost calculation


If your existing team and solutions are inadequate in responding to your changing and increasing requirements, the right solution for you is likely reorganizing. With this perspective, we support you with the following reorganization processes:

  • State analysis and evaluation
    • Investigation of business processes
    • Investigation of information flow
    • Corporate structure and interaction analysis
    • Evaluation of the technological infrastructure
    • Evaluation of the managerial and technical capabilities of the technical team
  • Reorganization planning
    • Planning of the new team structure
    • Planning of the technological transformation
    • Risk analysis and evaluation
  • Execution and change management
    • Change management for the planned changes
    • Execution of the steps of the reorganization process
    • Update of the plan during the process

Change management

To maintain your competitiveness, you have to stay up-to-date with your systems, software and infrastructure renewing them at the right times. We provide you with change management capabilities to renew your process with minimal impact on your service quality:

  • Evaluation and selection of new technologies, platforms and products
  • Impact and risk analysis
  • Change process planning
  • Data migration planning
  • Risk management

Software architecture

You have a project and a team, but you lack knowhow or you have doubts in the software architecture. In this case we provide you with consulting services for right and most suitable architecture in line with your requirements and goals and the realization of the architecture.

Talent evaluation

We  evaluate the technical depth and work attitude of your candidates. We do face-to-face interviews where we evaluate the technical capabilities of the candidate and determine if they are suitable for your company culture and give you a detailed evaluation report.

DevOps (Site Reliability)

In the current state of the art, development lifecycles have sped up thanks to DevOps practices. We have extensive experience in development operations in large scale systems in both startup environments and corporate companies. We evaluate your organization and prepare a plan and execute for the DevOps transformation of your company technically, organizationally and culturally.

Agile Methods

We provide you with trainings for agile methodologies. We evaluate your current work style and we plan how and in what order you can realize agile methologies in your company.

Enterprise Search

We have an enterprise solution for medium and large scale companies for their information retrieval needs that covers multiple different information sources in different formats.



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Defensive Coding

In big and medium sized companies there are usually several teams contributing to a single codebase. This makes it hard to keep the code quality at a satistactory level. With defensive coding, the code is written in a preventive manner so as to avoid the errors and low quality code. Moreover the architectural principles, are within the code, without separate documents, trainings and extra checks.

Continuous Delivery

The main principle of Continuous Delivery is automate any infrastructural work that you can automate. To reach the Continous Delivery stage, you need to go through the following: source control, server-side continuous build and continuous deployment.

Programming Languages

We provide you with trainings in the languages Java, C, C#, Python, Swift and the mobile platforms Android and iOS tailored to the needs of your company.

Software Team Management

How to lead  a software team for software engineers, how to handle the relationships with the business departments, how to get high performance from your team and how to enhance the communication within the team.



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